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Great "Budget" Z390 Board
- March 11,2019 on Savings.Bar
Everything works because I had everything I needed. The M.2 is a compatible wireless card slot. This board works well with an Intel AC-9560 wireless card that I bought. If you try to use the older BIOS to boot with a 970 EVO Plus, you won't see any video. I needed to remove it to seeUEFI on the boot. I had a video after the card was recognized. There are only four SATA III ports on this board. It was all I needed and caught others by surprise.
Decent budget board with many features and a few shortcomings
Tech Guy
- December 03,2018 on Savings.Bar
The board is able to get most of the processor in the stock configuration. The processor gets up to 4.9 GHz in the mode that's expected. I have not had any stability issues. There are pros. Solid power delivery for entry level board. It works well with the 9th generation Intel Core CPUs. There are a lot of expansion ports. There is a single orange lightning on the board. I'm able to use all of the slots. I was able to get fans to be very quiet because of the flexibility of the fan control in the BIOS. It is easy to use and has a lot of settings. There are pros and cons. Some decisions were made to keep the cost down, without sacrificing the quality. The product page does not mention that the board only has four SATA and two M.2 connections. When M.2 is used, there are only 3 available. Comes with a basic ALC887 sound. The majority of Z390 boards come with network cards. The board comes with only 6 holes for case screws, which is surprising since it usually comes with 9 holes.
Low-end Asus board. Still does the job.
R. Watkins
- April 02,2019 on Savings.Bar
The i5 9600K and 3000MHzDDR4 was used in the build. The slots for ram are very tight. Only one clip on each memory slot can be flipped out. There is no screw to place into the case offset on the upper corner of the board. The board will bend and damage if you aren't careful.
4/5 good board.
Inmate #03316429
- December 02,2020 on Savings.Bar
Not a true full board. Only takes 6 screws. Lack of screws causes ram installation and removal to be done with care as the right side of the board is hanging. I'm pretty happy with this board.
Great price works great for a 6 GPU mining rig.
- January 23,2021 on Savings.Bar
It was great working for my mining rig.
I usually trust ASUS but not anymore.
- December 27,2019 on Savings.Bar
The memory slots don't work. There is an issue with both of them. I almost went for three, but the chat rep told me to try a different board. I used to love the motherboards from ASUS. I did the basics after all the slots were full. There were 3 slots that caused the BSOD. 2! It was caused by slots. I put a stick in each slot to see if it was good or bad. The sticks worked in one slot on both boards. BSOD was caused by the rest of the slots filled in any order. Thank you for that. When it comes to getting a replacement, I don't have to deal with anyone. Amazon will send you another one if it doesn't work. How amazing is that?
Great motherboard for price.
AJ Dahlby
- December 09,2018 on Savings.Bar
It is very good and I enjoy using it. Since this is an atx mother board, it only has six screws instead of the usual eight, there is only one worry sum. It has an rgb strip built into the board that is unprogramable and is set to an orange color, good for an orange build. When I was building the NZXT H500i case, I had trouble getting the board to fit, but I was able to get it in after a lot of work.
Board works fine, but construction is lacking.
Nathan Schmidt
- July 13,2020 on Savings.Bar
For the first few hours, I was happy with the board. It was easy to install, the bios was easy to use, and the windows install was fast. It wouldn't detect my 3tb storage drive. I found out that you can't slot the sata drive in sata 1 or 2 if you have an M.2 installed. I took the front panel off and moved my sata connection. The whole sata connection and half the pins came off after a little tug and wiggle. I barely touched it. The other sata ports seem to work, and the board still works. The board has been pretty good so far, so I'm going to keep it. I can't suggest it to anyone because of this issue.
Motherboard stopped working after a month
Angel Perez
- February 08,2021 on Savings.Bar
Don't buy this brand if you can. You should buy a trusted one. When I called for support, they asked me to send it to a repair center which takes up to 10 business days, and they didn't provide a shipping label. I have to pay for the shipment using a traceable carrier.
Works and Works well
Swat 217
- Invalid date on Amazon
Used to have a Sabertooth Z97 Board which was also from the TUF lineup, so when I decided to replace a malfunctioning B450 board I decided to go with what I knew and what worked for me in the past. This board has all the usual bells and whistles for a B-450 and is on par with what I've come to expect from ASUS. All in all , if you like ASUS don't need all the fancy Overclocking stuff of a X470/X570 or maybe just don't want to go all out on a board you won't use all the features on , this is a great choice.